Episode 5: Latest Taps from Galveston Island Brewing 8-30-2018

Today I taste and rate 4 of my favorite beers at Galveston Island Brewing, which is one of my favorite breweries on the island. Find out what’s going on at their location at this link – https://www.galvestonislandbrewing.com/ GIB is one of my favorite breweries on the Island, and they have […] Read more »

Episode 2: Hop and Sting at Grapevine Craft Brewery

Grapevine Craft Brewery, which is honestly one of my favorite taprooms, has undergone some changes recently. It is now owned and managed by Hop and Sting Brewery, which has brought along some of their own brews, but also kept most of the trademarked brews that GCB is known for. In […] Read more »

Episode 1: An Introduction in 3 Parts

Welcome to my new YouTube Channel, titled Texas Brew Crafters, where I plan to do reviews/interviews/categorizations of Craft Breweries based in the State of Texas. In this 3-part episode, I talk about what Craft Beer is, what plans I have for the show, and what types of episodes you will […] Read more »