Episode 25: Galveston Island Brewing Tastings for February 2019

The Spring and Summer are on their way to Texas, and with that, it was time to try some new beers from Galveston Island Brewing. Located on the Island of Galveston, this is one of my favorite places to stop for some great craft beer, brewed right inside this facility on the Island. During this tasting, we get to sample the new Apricot Tiki Wheat, along with the original Tiki Wheat, which is popular at many venues on the Island. Plus my favorite beer from this brewery, the Pit Pat Peanut Butter Porter, was available on draft, so of course I had to add it to the flight of beers for this episode. Let me know in the comments who has visited Galveston Island Brewing and what your favorite beers are from this location.  

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